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Painting with oils is my first love. Whether used with brush or pallet knife, the application of this fluid media is sheer joy. I delight in the juxtaposition of warm and cool colors. In reality, a painting whether it be a figure, landscape or a still life; is a painting of light. The subject is merely the vehicle or showcase of that light.

I am fascinated by collage as media. I enjoy reverting back to the “mark making” days of my childhood while creating my treasury of papers. I move back to the slippery fun of “finger painting” using brushes, pallet knives, fingers, combs; and any numbers of different papers; sometimes wallpaper, sometimes Braille paper. I find the juxtaposition of rough-torn edges and the painted surface of accidental design fascinating. My subject matter may be a still life, a back lit figure, a memory. The result is a multi-faceted image within the whole.

“Icons of 9/11″ opened at STAR Gallery on Sept.14, 2002, one year after that tragic event. The show proceeded to go “on tour” throughout Mass. and R.I. and, at the invitation of The Honorable Shirley Gomes, the exhibit appeared at The Boston State House in December 2003. Each icon is based on scripture with the overriding theme that the Holy Spirit was evident through the love of everyday heroes in our midst. An “icon” is described as “an object of reflection and meditation, a window to God.”