#4. Romans 5:20 icon

#4. Romans 5:20 icon

My mind was constantly thinking about relevant Scriptures. It took awhile, but with my Concordance I found what I was looking for:

“But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” If I had to say what the one persistent theme of these icons was, I would say it was “The Spirit of Pentecost”.

Here I have pictured the “Spirit figure” lifting the weight and body of America to heaven. The sin and evil of that day was but the backdrop of God’s love. The darker the evil, the brighter God’s love.

The “pillars” of images from 9/11 on either side of this icon represent the strength of Love as shown by heroic Americans on that day. Images are not only from the Twin Towers, but also from the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania.

My husband and I were at Burger King one night. Three mentally challenged adults walked in with their caregiver. The caregiver was so loving and patient. I wrestled with my thoughts. How terrible to have been born with such deficits. One of the young women wore a helmet to keep from banging her head. Another was being given her medication. The atheist observing the same scene would say,

“See, there is no God.” The believer would say:

“Look at the Holy Spirit at work in that caregiver.”