#6. 1 Corinthians 13 icon

#6. 1 Corinthians 13 icon

“Through a Glass Darkly”
I Corinthians 13

The horror of the terrorist attack still haunts me. Why didn’t God intervene, turn those planes around? Where was God? My mind ran quickly to I Corinthians 13: “For now we see in a glass darkly, but then we will see face to face”

My search for God begins with my doubts. I want God to be there for me in the darkest moments of my life. I had my model pose once again. Flanked by pillars of devastation, people move about the destruction. Spirit-filled volunteers performing heroic deeds.

The Spirit figure holds a mirror. Her ethnicity is purposely ambiguous. The stars of the American flag float through the glass, changing to winged doves.

The wreckage in the lower corners of the painting become cruciforms for all the innocent lives lost. The Cross is the center of
my faith, an instrument of crucifixion.

This scripture allows me to doubt. I struggle with my faith. My search continues and focuses once again on the Holy Spirit.

“God is good and God is love”. An outpouring of Love and Goodness crisscrossed America. Love flooded in from all over the world. For people of faith, the horror was not the story of the day, but Love was!

For months to come we all heard story after story of heroism and human kindness. We all gave money, blood, prayers and food. People of all races, religions and persuasions stood in corridors at Ground Zero cheering police, fire fighters and rescue workers. Restaurant owners closed to the public, and for months served only those at Ground Zero.

The melting pot of American was united!

The God of Love reigned and still reigns.